My Parenting Journey with A Beautiful Child Who Is Living with Autism
Raising A Child Who Is Living with Autism Is Not For The Faint-Hearted. Autism is a very little understood medical condition by the medical and health profession in general, it is even worse with the general population. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about this medical and behavioural condition; from its causes, to its clinical presentation, to how effective its management, and support systems. Its prevalence seems to be rising in society, yet society does not seem to be ready to provide an enabling supportive environment to get the best out of these kids who require some specialised attention and support systems. In this article, a selfless mother opens up and talks from the heart about her family’s 16 year journey of raising a child who is living with Autism, the challenges with getting a correct diagnosis from the health care professionals, the emotional roller-coaster post diagnosis, the lack of definitive therapeutic interventions to effectively manage autistic children, the challenge of dealing with the sometimes inappropriate behaviours of an autistic child, the lack of well-equipped schools to handle and develop kids who are living with Autism, to the upside of their inherent disability features like obsession, photographic memory and exceptional gifts. This article is a must read for all parents who are faced with the challenge of raising kids with disabilities or chronic illnesses, as well as other parents whose children may not have any disabilities, but who may need to learn more about the condition to help reduce the levels of ignorance and sometimes discrimination and judgement of parents and kids with Autism in society. … (14 comments)

TB, Our Modern-day Scourge
Friday the 24th of March 2017, in terms of the annual health calendar, was designated the World TB Day. It is a day to commemorate people who have perished from the global scourge of TB disease. It is a day of increasing the awareness and efforts to fight this TB scourge, and hopefully defeat it soon; just like we managed with the Smallpox pandemic that was defeated in the 1970s. 80% of South Africans are infected with TB mostly in its inactive/latent form, and about 1% of the population has Active TB, whereby they get sick as a direct result of TB infection. What worsens the challenge is that TB often goes with HIV infection in 73% of the cases in South Africa, therefore fighting TB must go hand in hand with the fight against HIV and AIDS. Although we are battling this TB epidemic as a country, the tide is slowly turning, and there is a lot of confidence in the medical and epidemiological fields that in the not so distant future, using the latest strategies in health promotion, disease prevention and making use of technology to early detect and effectively treat active TB infections, we will also defeat the TB scourge. … (0 comment)

Living with congenital glaucoma – Omphile Makhanya’s story
Coping with the effects of congenital glaucoma can be quite frightening, particularly if you don’t really understand what is happening to you. Fourteen year old Omphile Makhanya has made it her life’s mission to help create awareness about the condition by sharing her personal journey in her uniquely youthful, candid and humorous style. This article captures the sometimes scary, sometimes funny experiences of a young congenital glaucoma patient who has not allowed her visual impairment to stop her from enjoying life to the fullest.… (0 comment)

Empowering Answer to Dr Thabo Mbeki HIV and AIDS Question 4 from his 2016 Letter Series
Our former president vigorously protested that he never said "HIV does not cause AIDS". He however admitted to having said "A virus cannot cause a syndrome". In the context of the HIV and AIDS debate, and his subsequent denialist utterances in the same letter that he published last year; it is difficult not to come to the same conclusion that he meant HIV as a virus cannot cause Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).… (0 comment)