Empowering Answer to Dr Thabo Mbeki HIV and AIDS Question 4 from his 2016 Letter Series
Our former president vigorously protested that he never said "HIV does not cause AIDS". He however admitted to having said "A virus cannot cause a syndrome". In the context of the HIV and AIDS debate, and his subsequent denialist utterances in the same letter that he published last year; it is difficult not to come to the same conclusion that he meant HIV as a virus cannot cause Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).… (0 comment)

Empowering Answer to Dr Thabo Mbeki HIV and AIDS Question 3 from his 2016 Letter Series
Disclosure of the real cause of death amongst HIV infected people is not always a true reflection of the underlying medical condition. Medical doctors often write the end cause of death than the underlying one. Sometimes they choose to write vague causes of death, like "Natural Deaths". In so doing the deceased, or their family is protected from societal stigma and discrimination associated with AIDS related deaths. This also ensures that insurance death payouts are not with-held due to AIDS being an exclusion for payouts. Death statistics based on what is written on death certificates cannot always be relied upon as a representative picture of what is happening on the coal-face.… (0 comment)

President Dr TM Mbeki's question about the exclusive use of ARVs was a valid one. The issue is about the role of nutrition in holistic HIV and AIDS management cannot be downplayed, as it plays a big role in strengthening the body's own ability to fight germs. This however, must be done to complement proven medical interventions, such as ARVs and not as a substitute.… (0 comment)

Empowering Answer to Dr Thabo Mbeki HIV and AIDS Question 1 from his 2016 Letter Series
In March last year (2016), as part of the Mbeki Letter Series; former president, Dr TM Mbeki tried to explain his thinking on matters of HIV and AIDS. His views have long been perceived as a big blind spot of his leadership during his presidential term. In response to his questions on the letter dealing with HIV and AIDS, which came out on the 7th and 14th of March 2016, I decided to provide simple basic answers to empower my non-medical Facebook friends. Over the next few days I will be publishing copies of my written answers to his questions. … (0 comment)