Global Healthcare Landscape

Worldwide, individual countries and their citizens are grappling with a variety issues that have to do with healthcare. Often the debates on healthcare policies, programmes and service delivery issues are emotionally charged, the issues raised seem very complex. The language and terms that are often used exclude most people from fully participating in such necessary national and international debates on how healthcare policies can be reformed to the benefit of many.

The Obama Healthcare Bill

In the USA, the Obama Administration introduced Obamacare as a way of bringing a significant percentage of less privileged Americans into the social net to access affordable quality healthcare, something that caused a lot of serious debates between Republicans and Democrats, and within the Democrats themselves. With the new Trump administration, it seems the Obamacare is destined to be scrapped or seriously diluted, reversing the gains that the poor had enjoyed with improved access to affordable quality healthcare.

National Health System In England

In the United Kingdom, the socialist type National Health System (NHS) is grappling with a lot of challenges, from funding challenges to service delivery capacity challenges, resulting in long waiting periods for non-emergency operations, resulting in frustrations to many of their citizens who cannot afford Private Healthcare services.

National Health Insurance Debates In South Africa

In South Africa, where access to quality healthcare services is a Constitutionally Guaranteed Human Right, the reality is that the overwhelming majority of South Africans are served by a seriously underfunded, under-resourced and ailing Public Health System, whilst the minority have access to very expensive, well-resourced and wasteful Private Health Care System. During the past decade or so, the SA Government has been working on developing a model of Universal Healthcare For All, called a National Health Insurance (NHI), to ensure that all the citizens have access to a basic package of healthcare services, irrespective of their social standing or income levels. The NHI debates, as well as the various governance processes towards its eventual introduction, have failed to involve ordinary South Africans, who will be the main beneficiaries.

The purpose of this Blog is to provide a platform for accessible engagements or debates on various topical health issues, be it health policy matters, health service delivery matters, health and wellness promotion matters, health business matters etc. The blog is meant to create more awareness of what is going on in the healthcare space locally and beyond, and allow people to contribute constructively to such necessary local and globally to such debates, thereby contributing to shaping the future of healthcare in South Africa and beyond.

I have decided to launch this blog because of my strong passion for the healthcare industry, gained through my diverse experiences and expertise as a specialist family physician decades, a healthcare entrepreneur, and a publicly engaging industry thought leader for over two decades in South Africa. I believe the insights I will share in my blog will provide a lot of interesting food for thought, stimulate critical thinking about various health issues, and most of all empower people through creating more awareness and education on various seemingly complex health matters.