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Blog Updates
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Welcome to my healthcare blog, I hope you will find it to be an interesting destination that raises, discusses and suggests practical solutions to various health related matters of importance affecting South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world.

As a Health Industry Expert, who is a qualified and experienced Specialist Family Physician (a generalist medical professional), a business school qualified business leader and a seasoned healthcare entrepreneur, my blog mission is to bring all that wealth of knowledge, experience and insights to engage and tackle a variety of important and topical health issues, stimulating thought from those who will follow my health blog.

My vision of this blog is that its content must be a fresh, objective, informative, engaging reservoir of knowledge, thus making it The Premium Health Blog in South Africa and Africa, in touch with local and global current affairs in the healthcare space, and yet continuing to address priority health issues that afflict our nation and our continent.

The Blog has been intentionally structured to focus on four stand-alone sections, namely Leadership In Healthcare; Non-Leadership Health Industry Issues In Health Care; Public Health Issues, and Public Wellness Issues.

Leadership Section: In this section, I will provide critical analysis or commentary on the vision, stewardship and direction role that leaders ought to provide in dealing with various national and global health policy, health regulatory, health strategic, health programmes; health service delivery, as well as monitoring and evaluation towards accessible, equitable, affordable, accountable health services for all.

Industry Section: In this section, I will focus on discussing industry-wide local and global current affairs issues, whether they are in the public or private sectors. I will engage on various matters on the role or possible role of Political, Economy, Social, Technology, Environment, Legislative, Regulatory, Globalisation on the healthcare industry, and how these influences can make or break the vision of accessible and affordable quality healthcare for all.

Health Section: In this section, I will share a lot of pertinent medical (and other relevant) information with regards to illnesses, diseases, and injuries. I will endeavour to follow the national health calendar, with a bias towards reactive health interventions focussing on treatment and/or therapeutic interventions, as well as appropriate rehabilitative healthcare interventions. The information that I will be sharing in this section will be meant to help empower those people who are already suffering from various acute or chronic illnesses, with a view to helping them optimise the treatment and/or rehabilitation of their health conditions.

Wellness Section: Finally, in this section, I will focus on driving proactive preventative healthcare interventions namely Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Early Identification of ill health strategies and tactics. Worldwide including here in South Africa, so much money and effort has been spent on reactive health interventions or curative type of medicine, which tend to be late and often expensive.

There is an adage that ‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’, I truly believe in this old saying, and it is my passion to empower people with relevant disease prevention knowledge in order that the recipients of that value adding information can internalise it, leading to attitude and behavioural change that will consequently help reduce the risk of illness or disease from manifesting, thereby creating healthier nations, with low levels of preventable illnesses or diseases.

In conclusion, in this section, I will also provide timeous updates on my upcoming health thought leadership activities, that will be on various media platforms namely, Radio; Television; Print and Social Media Channels; Conferences; Workshops and Seminars.

Comments (3)

  • Brilliant Doc.
    Good food for thought.
    I would like to attend one of the workshops when in SA.

  • Well done Bhele, this is a much needed intellectual discourse on heatlth issues. What will make it unique and most valuable is that it will be a conversation from the perspective of a health practitioner with years of experience. I look forward to reading your Blog.

    Well done and congratulations 👏👏👏

  • Thank You mhlobam Lawu for taking time to navigate and register on this new platform for dialogue on health related matters.

    As my friend, you have known for decades how close these are to my heart, in fact they are the purpose for my being here on earth…to positively impact humanity through healthcare interventions.

    I will do my best to lift up the intellectual discourse, whilst keeping the conversations accessible to those who are not healthcare professionals or industry experts, who are my main target audience 😉


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